Equipping Groups

Equipping Groups

All groups are Wednesday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at EFIC.

Childcare is provided!

The following Equipping Groups begin April 26, 2017 but you can join anytime.

The NEW groups are as follows:

Unmasking the Accuser by Kynan Bridges with Elders Greg and Vicki Canen.

  • This group is a teaching guide to unmasking the lies that come from the mouth of the devil and discerning the truth that comes from the mouth of God. We will learn about the devil's trio of slander, gossip, and offense and learn to no longer be baited and deceived by Satan's plans to destroy the church. This course is 16 weeks and includes a book and classes will contain some teaching on CD. Books are $19.00, Kindles E-Book Edition is $9.23. Please sign up at Guest Services. Contact Greg Canen (574-536-0327) or Vicki Canen (574-536-5834) for more information.

Uncommon Courage in an un-Christian World with Pastors Tim and Vanja Haarer.

  • In this group we will be discussing how to approach life in these last days as we will look at Sunday's message & what we each currently face in our day-to-day lives. How would God have us respond to others in what we experience? Join us as we do life together and encourage each other. Contact Tim (574-202-1050) and Vanja Haarer (574-202-1051) for more information.

Dressed to Kill by Rick Renner with Leslie Guzowski.

  • A biblical approach to Spiritual Warfare & Armor. Spiritual battles are just like natural battles. Nations don't constantly engage in warfare; they fight when a problem comes along. Then afterwards return to life as usual until there is a reason to fight again. God has given us spiritual weaponry so that when battles do come, we will be prepared to maintain our victorious position over Satan. Be equipped so that when the battles come, we are prepared to stand against them. Contact Leslie Guzowski (574-261-9837) for more information. Hardback book - $17.95

The Holy Spirit with Art Smoot.

  • In this day what better topic to discuss but the One who will guide you through all things! Contact Art Smoot (574-849-2422) for more information.

For more information call the office at 574-522-9944.